Communication Policy

MSAB has adopted a communication policy which's purpose is to fulfil the information requirements to the stock market. This policy has been adopted by MSAB's board of directors. The policy is applicable to all employees and board members working for the company and includes both written and oral information distribution. According to the policy MSAB’s financial and other relevant communication shall always be in line with prevailing rules of the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange and good practice on the market. The CEO is main responsible for MSAB's external communication and makes sure that all planned essential statements are reviewed before reaching the public. 

MSAB is fully focused on creating value for the shareholders, and one part of this is to provide investors with high quality financial information. The ambition is to make sure that the information always agrees to applicable law and the rules relevant for MSAB as a listed company. The goal is also to sustain a very good relationship with the different parties on the financial markets, including the financial press, by proactively supply relevant information in a timely and professional manner.

The communication policy includes procedures for press releases, interim reports, annual reports, annual general meeting, investor relation meetings and other presentations as well as the information found on MSAB's website. The policy also includes communication in the event of a crises and information leakage.

Insider policy and insider filing

The board of directors has adopted an insider policy as a compliment to the prevailing Market Abuse Regulation. This policy is applicable to the members of the board and all employees who may gain access inside information. All persons who are affected by the insider policy are notified. Among other things, the insider policy sets routines for periods when trading is prohibited for insiders which means that trading with securities issued by MSAB (or related financial instruments) is prohibited thirty days in advance of a financial report release, the day of the release included. Furthermore, the policy comprises routines for the covered persons when trading in securities issued by MSAB (or related financial instruments).

According to the Market Abuse Regulation, MSAB is obliged to register all persons discharging managerial responsibilities (PDMRs) and their closely related persons. All registered PDMRs are notified about their reporting obligations in regards to trading in securities issued by MSAB (or related financial instruments). In addition, MSAB intends to manage an internal insider register ("log book") in accordance with the instructions issued by SFSA (Finansinspektionen) based on the Market Abuse Regulation. This register shall among other things include information regarding persons with insider information, the type of information and point in time for registration. All persons included in the insider register are notified and informed about relevant regulatory obligations.

Other policies

MSAB has adopted an ethical policy with guidelines concerning the company’s position in the society, shareholders and employees, with special consideration taken to the responsibility MSAB has due to the company's position on the market.