Social responsibility and environment

MSAB follows applicable laws and regulations. We create shareholder value in an ethical and responsible way in order to gain stakeholders' trust. MSAB aims to be a good corporate citizen and act responsibly, as a large and active ownership also implies having the power to influence. Sustainable returns and value creation can only be achieved together with the society as a whole. MSAB’s CSR policy is presented below. It is written both from an ownership perspective and an employer perspective.

corporate social responsibility policy

Ownership perspective

MSAB continuously strives to make the portfolio companies influence of MSAB work and act in an ethical and professional manner. This means that the companies continuously are encouraged and requested to take important matters, such as business ethics, respect for individuals, environment, health, equality between sexes and social responsibility commitments into consideration. The possibilities and the prerequisites for this vary between companies, business areas and countries. Therefore it is crucial that each company identify the relevant matters for each business. The management is encouraged to map this process and report it together with actions taken to the board of directors.

To follow local and national laws and regulation is a fundamental condition. Furthermore MSAB focuses on the following central areas:

  • Use high business ethics and act responsible with high integrity
  • Identify and follow relevant international conventions (e.g. UN’s declaration on human rights) as well as to follow OECD’s guidelines for multinational companies
  • Encourage portfolio companies and suppliers to fulfil relevant CSR-requirements
  • In all business, direct and indirect, strive for reduction of and prevention of pollution
  • When assessing return and risk in business the environmental aspects should always be taken into consideration, especailly in investment decisions.

Employer perspective

As employer MSAB shall:

  • Offer a safe working environment
  • Provide all employees with capabilities, active involvement and responsibility
  • Treat all persons equal regarding sex, nationality, religion, beliefs, age, sexuality, functional impairment and background. Everybody shall have the same possibilities when it comes to tasks and career possibilities.
  • Strive to minimize environmental effects through recycling and other similar measures. As a non-producing company, MSAB’s effect on environment is rather low as the company only has a small office wherefrom business is conducted. However, MSAB aims to recycle as much material as possible and reduce resource consumption of e.g. paper and electricity.

MSAB works to improve environmental, social and human rights matters on a day to day basis. This work is continuously evaluated. MSAB is also, as far as possible, available for an open dialogue with stakeholders regarding these issues. MSAB has many possible ways of affecing environmental and other similar matters, for example through board representation, due diligence processes and by increasing the awareness in both our formal and informal contacts.

MSAB has, in addition to the CSR policy, ethical guidelines approved by the board of directors. A summary may be read below:

Social ethics – Responsibility towards the society

To do business as a responsible citizen and act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, to manifest support and respect the protection of internationally adopted human rights. To guarantee that the company is not involved in crimes or offences regarding human rights and always take health, security and environment into consideration in order to contribute to a sustainable development. All of this is important for MSAB and we support all the companies where we have influence to follow the same guidelines.

Openness and communication

MSAB’s policy is to available to the external environment and to provide correct and continuous information regarding the development of the company. Information which is of great interest for our shareholders will always be published as soon as possible.


MSAB wants to contribute to a sustainable ecological development. When we are faced with environmental matters our intention is to always respect and adhere to relevant environmental aspects.

Social and public relations

MSAB shall act in a social and responsible way and within the rules and regulations according to applicable law. In order to contribute to social and economical development the business shall be run professionally and profitable.