Management compensation

The board of directors decides the management's compensation. MSAB will pay a competetive compensation in line with the current market conditions to the CEO.

Employment terms for the CEO

The CEO compensation consists of a fixed salary, pension benefits and a company car. The fixed salary amounts to SEK 6.0 milliion for 2017 with an additional SEK 1.2 million in pension benefits. No variable salary or bonus exist. Notice of leave for the CEO is six months and 24 months for MSAB. The CEO has the right to severance compensation amounting to 18 months of salary if the majority of the votes in MSAB are transferred outside the Schörling family.

Option agreements

MSAB does not have any option agreements. Melker Schörling has through a fully owned company issued a call option to Ulrik Svensson that was exercised during 2011. 

Incentive programme

MSAB has no incentive programme in place.