About the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM, which is the highest decision making body in the company, provides the shareholders with the opportunity to practice influence. AGMs in MSAB is held annually and is open for all shareholders. It is only possible to follow the AGMs on site since a broadcasting service or similar could not be justified from an economical point of view. Furthermore there will be no translations to other languages. That also includes the resulting protocols.

At the AGM shareholders are able to ask questions to the chairman of the board and to CEO, although the company strives to answer questions as they come up during the year. The company’s auditor is also presenting their conclusions of the auditing at the AGM. The AGM makes, among others, decisions regarding adoption of the income statement and balance sheet, allocation of the company's profit or loss, discharge from liability of the board members and managing director, election of board members, election of members of the nominating committee, election of chairman of the board and determination of fees for the board members and the auditors.