MSAB's goal is to create shareholder value by maximizing the long-term net asset value per share. The strategy to reach this objective is described below.

Create value in existing holdings

MSAB works to make all holdings leading within its business area and thereby create value through growth and attractive return on the invested capital. To be competitive and profitable in the long-term we believe its important for a company to be number one or two on the market. Therefore it is important for the company to find its niche where it can offer the customers a unique solution. To be able to influence the company's strategy and active board representation is necessary, and to have this you need to be a major owner of a company, which MSAB is in all its holdings. The active board work contains many different tasks and can be exemplified by board member nomination, defining the strategy, assessing the capital structure, being involved in larger investments, acquisitions and spin-offs. The most important task for the board, however, is to appoint the CEO and other top management positions. Regardless of industry, companies consist of people and a competent management is the main factor for success in many companies. 

Financial strength

Every now and then opportunities occur for our holding companies to make larger acquisitions or participate in structural acquistions or mergers. For that reason MSAB shall have a solid financial position in order to be able to support its companies in these situations to assist them in reaching their strategical goals.

New investments

MSAB continously works to identify new investments. We do not have any geographical limitations and are open to invest in many industries. However, our network and competence must be able to contribute to the company's continued development. This means that we do not invest into companies which are in the early stage of its business cycle without commercial products, simply because we do not have the right competence for these kind of companies. It is also of importance that the company has a clear development potential where we can actively support the company on its journey. We do all our investments with a very long-term horizon as we believe that sustainable value is created by persistent and strategic long-term work. In other words we do not have an explicit exit strategy when making a new investment. Instead we look at our holdings as companies we will live together with for a foreseeable time. In most of our investments we aim to become the main owner to be able to support the company in the best way. We also have good experiences from cooperating with other owner constellations and are open to similar owner structures going forward.

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Investment criterias

  • The company matches the experience, competence and network of MSAB's board of directors and management.
  • The company shall have a clear development potential and international expansion opportunities.
  • The company's main business is not within real estate or forestry.
  • The company does not constitue more than 20 % of MSAB's current portfolio value and any new investment normally exceeds 100 MSEK.
  • MSAB shall be able to have a clear ownership position in the company.