Business model and objectives

Business Model

MSAB is a holding company which works for long-term industrial development. MSAB's business concept is to maximize the net asset value through long-term active and professional investment management. Value creation takes place by active ownership in the existing holdings and investments in new companies with strong development potential. A key in the implementation of the business concept is the managment's and board of director's experience, competence and network.


  • In order to maximize the shareholders' value creation,  MSAB's net asset value, measured over a business cycle, shall be higher than the value creation of the average of Swedish companies on the stock market, measured as Nasdaq Stockholm All-share (OMXSPI).
  • The dividend shall be at least 50 % of ordinary dividend received from the holding companies.
  • The net debt shall in the long-term not exceed 30 % of the company's total assets.